Safety Measures – Air Environment

The dust generation from mining activities is the major source of air pollution. The emission sources include excavation of ore bodies, drilling, blasting and transportation within the project area which deteriorates the ambient quality.  Adequate control measures are therefore, proposed to be taken during mining operation, transportation and loading operation.

  • All mine roads are maintaining regularly.
  • Regular water spraying on roads, during loading and unloading of excavated material, near crusher and waste dumps by tankers to suppress the level of dust levels much below the existing pollution level and water sprinkling will be also adopted in ore stack yards to bring down the concentration of air borne dust particles.
  • Overloading of vehicles shall be avoided as spillage generates dust.
  • Continuous cleaning of haul roads by dozer and heavy machines.
  • Regular maintenance of tipper/trucks.
  • Provision of weather drilling system in drilling machines.
  • Controlled blasting adopted.
  • Sharp drill bits will be used for less generation of dust particles.
  • Plantation of wide thick leaf trees, creepers, tall grasses around quarry sites, waste dumps, roads, colony and other surrounding barren zones.
  • Speed of vehicles to be limited within 20 Km/hr.
  • The dust generation is of short term which settles quickly within close ranges. There is rare chance of spreading of dust particles to the nearby areas. Hence, human population will not be directly affected by the air pollution.