Safety Measures – Surface Water

Surface Water

  • The surface water quality will not be deteriorated due to mining. It is not anticipated for any flow of wash off from dumps which will contribute to increased suspended particulate and silt to the surrounding natural water drainage channels.  In such case, appropriate control measures like check dams and setting ponds has been constructed.
  • Sanitary sewage generated from offices & mine area will be routed to STP for treatment and treated water will be reused for plantation.
  • Garland drains has been maintained around quarry and dumps. While constructing drains, routing and terracing has been will be done by maintaining the overall slope in the existing direction so that run off distribution is not affected.
  • Small stone barriers across the storm water drain will check water current and arrest solids.
  • Grass will be sown over the back filled area to control soil erosion and dust generation to control water pollution.