A. Compensatory afforestation has been undertaken by State Forest Department over 45.585 hectares. 

B. Afforestation in the Safety Zone and OB Dump around 4.647 hectares.

C. Avenue Plantation 1.00 Km in Bonai and outside lease in the villages of Raikela & Dengula.

D. The survival rate is good.

E. The maintenance of the Nursery within the Lease Area has also been undertaken.

F. Total 57250 numbers of seedling have been planted.

G. The maintenance of the garden in front of Mines Office.

  • Out of the total ML area of 49.372 hectares, 7.396 hectares is Khesra forest and 40.696 hectares is DLC forest. The rest 0.740 hectare is non-forest land. The proposed mining activity will have an impact on the biological environment as there will be degradation/utilization of the land for mining purpose.

  • The proposed project activities might have some impact on the Schedule-1 fauna (Elephant) and therefore, for their conservation, the Wildlife Conservation Plan has been prepared and been approved by the Principal CCF (Wildlife) & the Chief Wildlife Warden, Odisha with a financial forecast of 173 Lakh Indian Rupees.

  • In addition to this, the non-forest area (equivalent to the forest area for diversion) and the plantation cost has been provided to the forest department for compensatory afforestation and the fee is paid for the maintenance of the existing trees as well as the re-generation of the saplings in the safety zone area.

  • The total area under plantation will be 49.372 hectares at the end of life of mine. [4.647 (existing over safety zone & dead dump) + 0.395 (during the scheme period over dead dump & gap plantation on OB dump) + 43.288 (during conceptual period over backfilled quarry) + 1.042 (During closure over other areas viz. road, office etc) = 49.372 Ha.]

  • There will not be any major impact on the biodiversity because the ML area does not form a part of the eco-sensitive areas like the national park/wildlife sanctuary/biosphere reserve etc.