Community Relations – Local and Environmental Responsibilities

The success of PTA depends on its ability to develop and operate mining operations and this success is intrinsically linked to the social and physical environment and to the company’s employees. PTA mining company is therefore wholly committed to supporting the rights and cultures of local indigenous communities and also to the safety, health and development of its staff.

As an emerging mining company, the PTA recognizes the importance of balancing the pursuit of  value with its obligation to the communities in which it operates, both in terms of building and maintaining good relations with the local residents and employees, and working closely with the local government agencies.

PTA’s Board of Directors has considerable experience working in the minerals industry, and the company has joined with a reputable and experienced Indonesian partner. These ensure that the PTA is aware and mindful of the sensitivities of the local environment, and the company works hard to understand the cultural and social patterns of the people of PTA.

PTA believes it has multiple responsibilities towards the people living in its operational area and its indigenous workforce. In order to meet those responsibilities, PTA endeavours to consult the local populations on all matters that will affect their communities. The mining company also maintains an open dialogue with the government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on all plans for its sites.

By hiring local people to communicate with indigenous groups, PTA strives to be as transparent and considerate as possible in everything the company does.