Achieve ‘zero harm’ in mining operations in the country, says Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu said the mining in industry should constantly endeavour to achieve the goal of ‘zero harm’ in operations in the country.

Our aim should be to constantly endeavour towards the goal of ‘zero harm’, Naidu said while addressing a gathering after presenting the National Safety Awards in Mines.

The legislative approach towards safety regulations may not be the only way to deal with the issue, he said.
“Experince shows us that creating a ‘culture of prevention’ across all the employees of an organisaton is critical for progress of the mineral industry towards ‘zero harm’,” according to Naidu.

He also added, “Many times these contractors adopt a risk taking attitude as they focus solely on maximizing the output. Consequently, investments in safety are often ignored purely for short-term gains. This is not acceptable. Every worker has a right to safe and decent work environment.”