International brands turn to India for garments and home textiles

The Ministry of Textiles is initiating to work with a leading international retailer who is looking at scaling up sourcing from India on a large-scale. The exporters are working on samples of different styles for International brands. Though winter garments are not the mainstay of Indian knitwear exporters, more brands have turned to India this year.

There are many indications that international brands and retailers are looking more at India now to source their garment and home textiles requirements. Garment orders coming in now are for the winter season and this is not a traditional area. Winter garments are mostly made of blends and the demand this year is huge for these products. Many international brands were sourcing in India and are now looking at more suppliers and larger volumes. They are looking for manufacturers, giving samples, and estimating whether the Indian exporters can meet their requirements.

“There are positive sentiments towards India. Brands are asking for meetings with garment exporters. Walmart had one and more are expected. The potential is especially huge for manmade fibre garments, though India is known for the supply of cotton garments,” said A. Sakthivel, Chairman of Apparel Export Promotion Council. The demand is high from buyers in the U.S. and the European Union. And they are looking at a wider range of products, some of which are new to Indian garment exporters.