India’s Fashion Artisans Face ‘Extreme Distress’ in Pandemic

Various Indian workshops in Mumbai produced orders for exporters that worked with luxury brands like Dior and Gucci. But as the second wave of the coronavirus took over, their work reached a huge barrier. As millions of migrant labourers scattered around the nation, India’s garment industry has been going downhill.  

The laborers are approaching to their managers and supervisors for loans, but these supervisors are themselves stuck in a financial strain.  

In Mumbai, highly skilled labour is found at a very low price. Labour workshops in this field have been part of global luxury supply chains for a long time. Although many of these workshops have opened, the volume of orders being placed is nowhere near what it used to be. 

With most of the west still being under lockdown, many high-profile events have been cancelled, resulting to a reduction in demand of expensive fashion articles. 

Gucci, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have kept their orders up, but orders from other western fashion houses are reduced by 50 to 70 percent or have been cancelled. Professionals have termed this great recession to be something they’ve never seen before