This Homegrown Label Is Revolutionising Slow Fashion In India With Natural Dyes

Akané Studio gives birth to clothing which feels like a piece of art. Akané is a homegrown fashion label. Akané is an independent slow fashion brand, which is run by two sisters: Janhavi and Juhi Vyas.  

The brand is on its way to introduce naturally dyed fabrics to the Indian audience. The process of making these fabrics is shared on Akané Studio’s Instagram in form of sunlit photographs and captivating reels. 

The name Akané, pronounced as Ah-Kah-Nay, is the Japanese word for Madder Root or Manjishtha. Madder Root has been traditionally used as a deep red natural dye. Natural dyeing dates back to Indus Valley Civilization (a piece of cotton was found, and it was dyed with Madder Root).  

Natural dyeing is a part of traditional Indian textiles; natural plant materials have been used to dye fabric for thousands of years. For the Vyas sisters, natural dyeing is equivalent to going back to their cultural roots. 

The sisters work with flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, and various plant materials, and the results always variate in a unique way. No two naturally dyed pieces are the same. They collect flower waste from temples and local florists, and collect flowers during festivals and religious occasions. These flowers are dried and stored for use throughout the year. The creative process of Akané is very organic. The sisters work in small batches, and hand-dye everything. They use the fabric as if it is their blank canvas. Akané sources their fabric and natural dye materials locally, which supports weavers and local artisans. 

Social media has also provided a platform for Akané to reach a bigger audience and be transparent about their business and process of creating a product. 

Vyas sisters miss holding natural dyeing workshops and teaching people. They have observed a sincere growth in their small business. They used to work from their house’s kitchen but now they have a separate studio space. Akané recently hired their first employee. Their goals also enlist empowering other women by providing them with jobs along the way.