India considering Quality Control Orders for 107 Technical Textile Products to boost domestic production and reduce import dependence

The Union Government is thinking about bringing 107 technical textile products, including surgical gloves, PPE kits, bulletproof clothing, and fire-resistant clothing, under the Quality Control Order (QCO), in an effort to stop the import of subpar goods and guarantee higher standards for those produced domestically.

The government is increasingly using the QCO approach to reduce the dumping of cheap Chinese goods. The trade deficit with China, which makes up roughly 40% of all trade deficits in India, is growing at the same time.

Since technical fabrics are made to carry out particular duties, assuring quality is essential. 107 technical textiles goods are being considered for Quality Control Orders (QCOs). Consideration is being given to QCOs for 19 Geo-tech, 12 Pro-tech, 22 Agro-tech, and 6 Medi-tech.