Commercial Real Estate: A bankable and reliable investment channel

The overall narrative that real estate is a capital-intensive investment, moreover, in the overarching Indian economic scenario of tight inflation, has been dispelled by commercial real estate ventures and projects. While the statement could be true for the residential housing sector, it is quite frankly a misnomer for commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate has become a bankable and reliable investment channel, providing opportunities for practical investment modules. High-end, mid-sized, and small-sized investors can invest in commercial projects as per their financial capabilities and bandwidths.

Indian economy, from a macro level perspective, and the real estate sector, from a micro level, have gone through rough patches due to the events that unfolded after the pandemic. Circumventing the challenges, commercial real estate has witnessed a spectacular uptick in demand, interest, and investments, showing its resilience and market stronghold.

Commercial projects, offering a mix of stylized office and retail spaces, are typically in demand nowadays. These types of projects provide multiple investment modules for diverse groups of investors, retail brands, and corporate companies. The confluence of diverse, varied, large-scale, and optimum-scale space offerings are able to attract heterogeneous brands and patrons to these projects, leading to a promising scale-up in footfalls and customer engagement.