Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get an overview about Bathwal Corporation?

Bathwal Corporation is a privately held organisation with 33 years of experience in the field of Mining, Steel Production, Power Generation and Textiles. As a conglomerate the group enjoys investments in liquid assets of approximately USD 200 million and an overall asset base of approximately USD 105 million. You can find more information in the Overview section of the website.

Where can I find more information about the Products?

You can search and find more about our Products – and its specifications in our Products Section of this website.

How many companies work as a subsidiary of Bathwal Corporation?

There are 5 companies that worked as a subsidiary under Bathwal Corporation which are named as:
•Penguin Trading & Agencies Limited
•Bhagwati Steel Pvt Limited
•Bathwal Plastics Limited
•Seven Star Steels Limited
•Power International LLC.
More information about the individual organisations are available in the Companies section.

How the health of the employees is taken care of?

The CESS Doctor comes to the mines weekly for the treatment of employees. One Pharmacist is also available full time within the lease area to provide service. Apart from the aforementioned, our Doctor (MBBS) is visiting the surrounding area thrice in a month with a Team carrying a Testing Kit and Free Medicines. For more detailed information check the Health Facility link under Corporate Info.

What measures do Bathwal Corporation takes to protect the environment?

We take the environmental safety measures on the basis of the following grounds:

• Noise and Ground Vibrations
• Air Environment
• Solid Waste Management
• Biological environment
• Ground Water
• Land Environment
• Surface Water.

More information is available in the Safety and Security link under Corporate Info.

How can I apply for a job position?

Check out the Careers section of the website. The application process is mentioned there.

Does Bathwal Corporation follow corporate governance?

We follow a standard code of conduct for appropriate ethics and professional behaviour on our operations. Certain procedures and practices have been adopted to ensure that effective corporate governance is in place and to provide an appropriate guideline to ethical and responsible decision-making processes.

How do I know about the latest sustainability activities?

Our sustainability and pollution control methodologies are detailed in the Environment Sustainability section.