The Vision 2021

The UAE Government wants to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment, and to achieve that, Fujairah is playing vital role in it.

Granite: the dead stone

Due to covid-19 all the granite industries are in deep crisis. The industrialists are not in a position, to pay current bills and other minimum charges to the government.

Limestone: industrial raw material

Limestone is a versatile Mineral with major use in Cement industry. Limestone comprises 95% of core raw material for cement production. But global prices have plummeted due to COVID-19.

Domestic Steel Production expecting a revival

Real estate, Railways and Automobile are expecting growth after the temporary blip this year as many government schemes and projects are lined up which has immense demand of steel.

Textile Industry: A fish in troubled waters

COVID-19 poorly affected the textile industry. India’s yarn exports fell by 80-90% in April. Irani held discussions with experts about post covid-19 situation in the industry.

Protection with a pinch of fashion

Social media feed is flooded with trendy face masks by various textile companies. Many international brands have penetrated the market and are introducing luxury designer face masks.