Environmental Overview – Biological Environment

A detailed survey has been carried out to assess the floral and faunal species of the area. The studies were conducted at different sites representing an entire study area of 10 km radius around the project site.

Environmental Overview – Water Environment

Water quality sampling was carried out at ten locations as per the CPCB standards, out of which 5 locations were of Surface Water & 5 locations were of Ground Water. Several samples were collected and analysed.

Environmental Overview – Air Environment

Air quality was monitored at 9 locations. It was found that the temperature varied from 15.6 to 32.8ºC, and the Relative Humidity from 50% to 89%. The maximum wind speed was 7.2m/s, and the average wind speed was 1.76m/s.

Environmental Overview – Noise Environment

Noise monitoring was carried out at nine locations as per the standard prescribed by CPCB. Noise levels were recorded at 1 hour intervals for 24 hours, once a month during the study period at all locations.

Environmental Overview – Traffic Density

A traffic density study was carried out on an hourly basis for 24 hours continuously once during the study period at three locations. It was observed that the traffic density is higher during the day time.

Environmental Overview – Land Environment

Soil samples were collected once during the study period from 5 locations within the study area and were analyzed for their physico-chemical and nutrient status. It was observed that the soil within study area is sandy loam.


A. Compensatory Afforestation has been undertaken by the State Forest Department over 45.585 hectares.
B. Afforestation in the Safety Zone and OB Dump around 4.647 hectares.

Environmental Monitoring Programme

The action plan of EMP is being updated every year with respect to the results achieved and proposed activities for next year. Any new regulations circulated by MoEF/CPCB will be taken care of.