Safety Measures – Biological Environment

  • Out of total ML area of 49.372 hectares, 7.396 hectares is Khesra forest and 40.696 hectares is DLC forest and rest 0.740 hectare is non-forest land. Proposed mining activity will have impact on biological environment as there will be degradation/utilization of the land for mining purpose.
  • Proposed project activities might have some impact on the schedule-1 fauna (Elephant) and therefore, for their conservation, Wildlife Conservation Plan has been prepared and same has been approved by the Principal CCF (Wildlife) & Chief Wildlife Warden, Odisha with financial forecast of 173 Lakhs.
  • In addition to this, non-forest area (equivalent to the forest area for diversion) and plantation cost has been provided to the forest department for compensatory a afforestation and fee is paid for maintenance of existing trees and re-generation of the saplings in the safety zone area.
  • Total area under plantation will be 49.372 hectares at the end of life of mine. [4.647 (existing over safety zone & dead dump) + 0.395 (during scheme period over dead dump & gap plantation on OB dump) + 43.288 (during conceptual period over backfilled quarry) + 1.042 (During closure over other areas viz. road, office etc) = 49.372 Ha.]
  • There will not be any major impact on biodiversity as the ML area does not form a part of eco-sensitive areas like national park / wild life sanctuary / biosphere reserve etc.