Seven Star Steels Limited

Who We Are

The company is in the business of Steel Manufacturing and Power Generation. Through procuring the raw material from its group iron ore mine the company further value adds on the raw material by manufacturing 100,000 Tons Per Annum of Sponge Iron. In 2012 the company was the first ever Sponge Iron company in the world to be awarded ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 all together. Furthermore, substantial quantity of this Sponge Iron is used to further value add in the companies Steel Melt Shop to manufacture 30,000 Tons Per Annum of Billet. All this is achieved by generating 8MW of power from the Captive Power Plant by capturing 4MW though waste heat of Sponge Iron Kilns and the balance 4MW through Dolochar waste and coal.


Standard Steel Billet Specifications
Carbon 0.20
Mn 0.50
P 0.09 (Max)
S 0.04 (Max)

The Standard Size is
100 mm x 100 mm x 6 M


Standard Sponge Iron Specifications
Fe (m) 78%
Mtz 85%
Fe (T) 90% +
S 0.30
C 0.15