Penguin Trading & Agencies Limited

Who We Are

The Penguin Trading Agency Limited is duly registered under the Companies Act and has been operational since 1985. The main business activity is Iron Ore mining in Odisha, India. Since Odisha is considered as the hub for a number of Integrated Steel Manufacturing facilities, the operation gets the geographical as well as operational advantage. As per the data of the financial year 2014-2015, the asset base has been raised to approximately USD 70 million. The estimated reserves of the block have been assessed at 60 Million tons of high-grade Iron Ore.

Robust expansion and acquisition strategies of the company has created effective and efficient synergies. In the year 2012, Bhagwati Steel Pvt Ltd was acquired as part of the expansion and commitment in the steel sector. Synergy was created as waste iron fines from the bigger steel plant are used here as standard feed for raw material. Huge cost savings, competitiveness, commercial advantage and environmental benefits have been created as a result of it. The production capacity of Sponge Iron had been enhanced to 15,000 tons per annum.

Furthermore, in lieu of establishing a place in the existing strong market structure, the Penguin Trading Agency have expanded overseas. It has created a solely owned (with 100 per cent shareholding) corporation – the Power International DMCC, in the trading capital of the world, the United Arab Emirates.


Standard Iron Ore Specifications
Fe 62%
SiO2 1% (Max)
P 0.04% (Max)
S 0.01% (Max)

The Standard Sizes are
5-18 mm