Safety Measures – Land Environment

Anticipated Environmental Impacts & Safety Measures for Land Enviornment:


  • The Lease area comprises of 48.632 Ha. of Forest Land & 0.740 Ha of non-forest land. Forest Land comprises of 7.936Ha of Khesra Forest land & 40.696Ha of DLC Forest land. Forestry Clearance (Stage-II) has already granted for diversion of forest land for 45.585 Ha. (Excluding safety zone of 3.047 Ha. from the total forest land of 48.632) vide MoEF Letter No. 8-23/2007-FC, dated 13-05-2009. Plantation cost has been provided to the forest department for compensatory afforestation.


  • Out of 49.372 Ha of lease area, 25.225 Ha land has already been degraded/utilized for mining, dumping, office, roads etc. Additionally, 24.147 Ha will be further degraded/ utilized due to future mining activities as at the end of life of the mine.


  • At present, the area under excavation is 17.735 Ha. Mining operation in the scheme period will further degrade 10.589 Ha taking total mining area to 28.324 Ha. By the end of life of the mine; degradation land for quarry will further degrade 14.964 Ha, so that total mining area will be 43.288 Ha.


  • The Quarry will be gradually reclaimed with the available waste material. The waste dump area will be reclaimed/ rehabilitated by soil conditioning & plantation during the course of mining.