Health Facilities

Health Facilities: 

Health is one of the main basic service indicators, which need to be studied so as to know the quality of life in the area. But the villages have no medical facilities. Only a trained village level medical personnel (locally known as NM) visits the villages once in a month and distributes some free medicines. Situated nearby is the BIM-SAIL-Hospital for all. There is also a Government Hospital at Koira. The CESS Doctor comes to our Mines weekly for the treatment of employees. One Pharmacist is also available full time within the lease area to provide service. Apart from the aforementioned, our Doctor (MBBS) is visiting the surrounding area thrice in a month with a Team carrying a Testing Kit and Free Medicines. 

Occupational Health & Safety: 

  • The main causes of Occupational Health Hazard in the opencast mines are dust and noise. A water sprinkling system will be fixed at several places to control the dust emission. 
  • The workmen in the mine will be trained, educated and issued with Personal Protective Equipments for their own safety. The safety of employees & materials are being taken care of as per the mines rules and regulations.  Pre-placement medical examination will be carried out for all personnel going to be appointed in the proposed mine. 
  • Periodical Medical examination of all employees will be done at regular intervals as per their trade, if any health problem has occurred during the period of employment or any health disorder detected, it will be treated adequately and the employee will be repositioned in a suitable area of the mine, as per his condition.