Mining Process


EXPLORATION (Pitting/trenching/drilling):

Three quarries namely Tantra quarry, Raikela quarry and Raikela west have been developed in the northern and southern side of the lease area. The details of the quarries have been outlined. Benches of these quarries expose iron ore, laterite and shale. In addition to these, Bore Hole= 33 Nos, Trail Pit=19 Nos, and Trench= 6 Nos. have been done for the details of Exploration. This year’s Detail Exploration work is going on for 52 Bore Holes.

Bench Dimension & Slope Angle:

The height and width of the benches is being maintained at 6m and 12m respectively. The overall quarry slope angle is proposed to be kept at around 27° with horizontal.

Stripping Ratio:

The stripping ratio is calculated as 1 (tonnes of ore): 0.083 (m3 of waste)

Drilling, Mining & Transportation Equipment/Machinery:

DTH as well as jack-hammer drills are used for blast/shot hole drilling. Mining is done both manually and by mechanized means. Ten (10)/(20) tones capacity trucks/tippers are used for ore/waste transportation. Now to avoid short hole drilling & blasting we are engaging the Rock-breaker to avoid secondary blasting.

BENEFICIATION – Crushing/Manual Dressing:

Run-Off Mine Iron Ore boulders obtained from the face after blasting is hammered manually for sizing. Sized ore is stacked separately and loaded in the tipper mechanically. In addition to this, mobile Crusher Plant and Screens are used for the separation of ore from waste into various sizes.

Sorting & Sizing:

Sorting and sizing are being done both manually as well as by mobile Screens & Crusher. It is feeding the Lump and getting the finished product i.e. (5-18) mm and Fines.


There is no proposal for washing of ore/minerals. Dry crushing & screening is adopted with a water sprinkling arrangement for dust suppression.